Star Player

Well, i guess within a team, there can often be a star player… i hasten to add that this lady wasnt even on my team. She was however part of the greater team, showing genrosity of time and technical skill so selflessy to each and everyone of us in curating this exhibtion. Whether it was… Continue reading Star Player

The Painting

So we had a full team on board today, which was great! Katie and I had done a huge amount of work on the padlet, printing out all the images, arranging them in various compositions and coming up with a plan for the painting itself. When we came in , we unrolled the paper, and… Continue reading The Painting

The Team….

Well on Friday, we still had only 2 team members,  so whatya and i gathered our thoughts and information and started looking at images and gathering the padlet together Back at the hostel, we continued to work late into the early hours, choosing, cutting out, rearranging but always sticking to our goal or aim. I… Continue reading The Team….

Teamwork Update

For now, we have met as a group three times, but it has unfortunately only two of us have managed to meet, Alex seems to have other commitments. This essentially means that the division of roles has to be spread over two of us rather than three, and we have certainly had to draw strength… Continue reading Teamwork Update

A Second Life???

Well, I am so totally confused about life now after listening intently to Sitearm Madonna tonight. Sitearm, a man in RL, is a female in SL, and it brought up so many questions and curiosities around gender and around secret identities . It was truly fascinating indeed. We listened to his story and how he… Continue reading A Second Life???